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Glamping concept

physiotherapy studio

Case glamping concept

Chloé’s glamping dream

Unique and versatile holiday homes

Chloé, 45 years old

The idea

“My sister and I wanted to extend our parents’ farm. The meadows surrounding a vast pond were the perfect location for a luxury campsite, or glamping.”

The challenge

“To attract a wide range of people and offer an array of options, we wanted to have not only luxury tents, but also unique alternatives for those who prefer something a bit more solid.”

The Brensj solution

“With Brensj, we not only got something original, but we also created holiday homes of various sizes and with different features, right on the pond. Very specific to the target groups we have in mind.”


Brensj’s pointed roof gives a feeling of spaciousness and provides beautiful, natural light.

How can Brensj make your dream come true? Or do you have any other questions? We’re here to help!

Case physiotherapy studio

Sofie’s physiotherapy studio

I can even hang my medical devices from the ceiling

Sofie, 32 years old

The idea

“As a physiotherapist, I have been treating people for several years. But my garage was becoming too small and cluttered to use it as a professional workspace.”

The challenge

“With two small children and a husband who often has to travel abroad for work, I wanted to have my studio in our garden, so I didn’t lose any time getting there. The studio needed to be able to withstand knocks and jolts, because the therapy can be intense, using devices suspended from the ceiling.”

The Brensj solution

“With a Brensj in my garden, I have enough space for all my medical devices. The floor is sturdy and shockproof. Plus, there’s an additional reinforced ceiling beam that I can safely hang my devices from.”


Make sure the window is as large as possible for a great garden view.


Brensj features

Sustainable energy use

Minimal carbon footprint.


Each part of a Brensj can be reused to a maximum.

Single standard size

A Brensj consists of one or more modules, each measuring 4 x 3.3 m.


Make your Brensj as big as you want. Set the units apart or connect them together.


Our partners

With a Brensj, you can count on the expertise and support of our partners specialising in the new way of working.

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