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At The Nutshell, we dig deep into the essence of a story and make a real difference with clever content marketing. And that’s exactly what we do for Brensj – with clear copy, online and in other forms of communication.

Developing your Brensj takes a lot of research beforehand. After all, it’s a mobile, highly ecological unit with sophisticated architecture, which comes in a range of interesting variants. Our broad expertise and extensive partner network are available to our parent company Ecohuis at any time, including when developing a production line that’s fit for the future.

With your Brensj, you have an ecological living or working solution that’s fit for the future. Cyclis Bike Lease helps you get there by bike – an easy and healthy way to get around, while making the circular economy even more circular.

Based in the heart of the Kempen, with our roots in the thriving parent company Ecohuis, we seized the opportunity to draw on our experience to build a new brand identity for Brensj – resulting in a strong name and logo to go with it, plus online and offline campaigns.

As a testing ground for the healthcare sector, with links to Thomas More University in the Kempen region, we are hearing every day how flexible care concepts are becoming more and more important for patients, elderly people and healthcare professionals. Choose a Brensj and you will have the greatest asset of all in your hands, as our research shows: living apart together, close by, yet with the privacy and freedom you need.

You’ll be awestruck by Brensj from your very first digital contact with them. We give you a virtual tour of the endless possibilities of the mobile eco-units. And then it’s up to you to discover a Brensj in the flesh and get the most out of it yourself.

Brensj eco-units are innovative and challenge the status quo. This is a vision that we at Flux share too. As a web design office, we seek the best possible way to convey Brensj’s added value to potential residents in an innovative and digital way.

Thinking of providing a mobile eco-unit for your staff? Or maybe you want to set up multiple units along a bike trail? We will advise you on how to incorporate a Brensj into your employees’ pay package. Have any questions about how employment legislation affects mobile eco-units or how it applies to your situation? Give us a call!

As a creative design agency, we have been part of the Brensj team from the outset. We create concepts especially for you, with a highly refined design that takes the living quality of every Brensj – yours included – to the next level. Simple, sustainable and flexible.

The possibilities for setting up your Brensj seem endless. That’s why we want to inspire you, but still give you the opportunity to add your own personal touch. Because as interior specialists, we know only too well that the best way to really feel good in your Brensj is to add your own touch to it.

As interior designers, we see Brensj as a unique opportunity for us to help shape the way we will live and work in the future. Providing comfortable living within a mobile unit with a focus on aesthetics, functionality and circularity. We are only too happy to put our name to that.

Our specialists are on hand to develop your Brensj, manufacture it using a timber-frame construction and devise future new applications for it. Like Brensj, you can count on our expertise in renovations and conversions.

We know how important it is to have a professionally furnished and inspiring workplace and meeting venue. That’s why we put our expertise at your service. We’ll fit out your Brensj for you and keep your workplace up to par every day – whether you work alone, as a duo, with your team or with third parties.

We’re here to help you. If you are a formal or informal carer and opt for the CareBrensj package in Belgium or the Netherlands, our people are stand-by 24/7 to help you by phone, by email and via our app, so you will get answers to all your questions in an instant.

build2grow develops smart, sustainable innovations and brings them to market successfully. We were an early pioneer of Brensj and helped put several pieces of the puzzle together in the strategic business plan, starting with market and stakeholder research.

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