Brensj lands at Ecohuis

Assembled in Maldegem, transported through Flanders, and now landed in Herentals. From today, you can step into the very first Brensj, a mobile eco-unit with services tailored to you, which is currently set up in the Ecohuis car park.

A Zen place to work

The first Brensj you can work in. This module gives you your own dedicated workspace, where you can welcome visitors in serenity. Ideal for placing in the garden. The high-end finish makes this workplace totally Zen throughout.


Just like an Ecohuis timber frame home, a Brensj is pre-assembled as much as possible, reducing working time on site to a minimum. A Brensj is also not fixed to a concrete slab, rather it is placed on screw poles – making it portable and also removable at any time.
This Brensj will be living in the Ecohuis car park for the time being. We’re still keeping its final destination a secret!

Take a 360° tour
Discover all the possibilities of a BrensjWork.

Want to find out more?
Visit Brensj at Oud Strijderslaan 207, 2200 Herentals. Please email us to make an appointment.

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