Brensj – rooted in 20 years
of expertise from Ecohuis

Brensj is not just a new modular construction concept. It’s a total solution with its roots in the philosophy of Ecohuis, a pioneer and market leader in ecological and energy-efficient building for the past 20 years. With Brensj, Ecohuis is seeking to evolve even further and stand out on the market as a sustainable, innovative and forward-looking market player.

Energy-efficient, modular, unfixed and circular

Each Brensj starts with industrial and energy-efficient basic modules, which are manufactured in the assembly hall as much as possible. Modules can then be flexibly linked to form mobile units. Mobile means that the unit is not fixed permanently to the ground, so you can always move it and completely re-purpose it, even in another location if you wish. You can also upgrade or customise a unit.

Buy or rent?
Plus all the services you need

You can rent or buy an eco-unit and add the services you need. But needs change over time.
That’s why you can adjust your service package along the way.

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