Mobile eco-units –
with services tailored to your life.

Your life. Your focus.
Your Brensj.

Brensj has reinvented the way we live and work. With one or more mobile eco-units, fully tailored to what’s important in your life. How about a stylish office on a bike trail, plus sales support? Or an adaptable unit in your garden where you can look after an older family member at home?

Work in a Brensj

Focus on what you want to achieve.

Live in a Brensj

Focus on the ones who are dear to you.

What makes a Brensj unique

Whichever Brensj you choose, there are features that are guaranteed

Buy / rent

Temporary or permanent, the choice is yours


Not fixed to the ground, easy to reposition


Telecoms, cleaning, help around the home,…

100% circular

Each Brensj will be reused to a maximum

Brensj is a branch of Ecohuis

Fit for the future

Our unique Brensj rooftop park will be opening in spring 2021. A natural showroom where you can discover every kind of Brensj, with no obligation.

Your Brensj

Brensj – growing with you

A Brensj is more than a mobile home or work unit. It evolves along with you. Prefer flexible renting first? No problem. Want to add a service package too? Check. There’s a Brensj for every living and working moment in your life.

Living unit

Office unit

Do you have a crazy idea for a Brensj?

Take a look at our customised solutions.

Office unit

Working in a Brensj?

Take a 360° tour

Office unit

Living unit

Living in a Brensj?

Take a 360° tour


The Brensj ecosystem

Brensj harnesses the power of our service providers and partners who specialise in innovative working and living.


Stay up to date with Brensj

The world of modular building and living is evolving rapidly.
And so is Brensj.

Minister to simplify regulations for small-scale live-in care unit

“Making it easier to take care of people at home” No more long-winded applications, just a brief report with no need for an architect. That...

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Bezoek een Brensj tijdens Antwerpen Shift

Op zondag 20 september verrijst op het Operaplein een Brensj-houtskelet. Wie Antwerpen Shift bezoekt, kan op die manier een Brensj virtueel verkennen. Meteen voel je...

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